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From Manager to Remarkable Leader – Virtual Workshop

Your Investment: $1,295

Management Isn’t Enough. To Get GREAT Results, You Must Lead.

Because we understand that travel is not always an option, we deliver the From Manager to Remarkable Leader classroom workshop remotely so that you can learn the valuable skills you need to succeed without ever leaving your desk. Broken down into seven 2-hour sessions – one session per week for seven weeks – From Manager to Remarkable Leader – Virtual is delivered via GoToWebinar and is a live and interactive training opportunity. We specifically limit class size to allow for maximum interaction and learning and record every session, giving you continued access after the live session date.

The From Manager to Remarkable Leader Virtual Workshop is based on a proven leadership model to help you lead beyond management and through others. Through our Three-O Leadership Model – Others, Outcomes, Ourselves – you will learn how to make a positive impact in the world by serving others first and foremost.

Chances are you have been in your management role for a long time, and while you certainly have learned a lot and do many things well, you also know, deep down, you could be better. You experience uncertainty and frustration. You experience situations that you get through, but you are sure you could have handled them better.

If your only goal is to survive in your role, this workshop probably isn’t for you. If, however, you want to get better, you want to improve, you need to get better results, this workshop can help you.

We’ll focus on what it means to lead, not just manage. In Kevin’s vast experience working with people from front line leaders to the C-suite, he has seen that the mental and actual transition from thinking like a manager to thinking like a leader can be the biggest lever to improve job satisfaction (for everyone) and results.

In this workshop, we will focus on some areas you would expect, like communication, coaching, and change management. But in each case, we will go deeper and discuss things you might not have considered before – and even share secrets that are different than what you might expect or have seen before.


Session 1: Shifting from Managing to Leading

  • Describe the Three O Model of Leadership and why it is important
  • Recognize the mindsets that support leadership success
  • Be able to lead for commitment vs. compliance
  • Create crystal clear expectations with those you lead
  • Be able to integrate learning into your jam-packed life as a leader

Session 2: Championing Change

  • Recognize and apply the differences between managing, leading and championing change
  • Building effective change communication
  • Identify and apply the four key levers to organizational change
  • Transforming resistance into acceptance
  • Apply strategies to improve the adoption of organizational changes I am leading

Session 3: Leadership Communication

  • Use at least five leadership communication strategies more effectively
  • Over come the challenges with email communications
  • Improve communications within your team – including with remote team members
  • Use stories more effectively as a leadership communication tool

Session 4: Relationships, Trust, and Coaching

  • Utilize at least four specific strategies to build relationships more successfully
  • Use the four components of trust to build more trusting relationships
  • Exhibit effective coaching behaviors
  • Deliver feedback successfully

Session 5: Accountability and Influence

  • Understand the real meaning of accountability and how it applies to you and your team
  • Utilize the control/influence model to create accountability
  • Use specific approaches increase accountability with individuals and your team
  • Overcome the challenges to delegation and delegate the right things at the right times.
  • Recognize the keys to leadership influence and apply them both immediately and long-term

Session 6: Productivity and Decision-Making

  • Use the four productivity pivot questions to immediately be a more productive leader
  • Create greater productivity for you team
  • Facilitate meetings more effectively
  • Use decision making approaches which are situationally appropriate
  • Get greater commitment to decisions
  • We’ll wrap up by answering any questions you have – helping you approach all your work as a Remarkable Leader

Your Investment: $1,295
Group Discounts: Enroll 3 or more and save $100 per registration. Call 317-759-3171 for more details.

Every virtual workshop includes:

  • A conference workbook for note-taking and to help guide your learning
  • 2 live, group coaching sessions after the workshop and with Kevin help you continue to master the strategies and techniques you learn in the workshop.
  • A free copy of Remarkable Leadership
Ways to Register

Call 1.317.387.1424, ext. 12 for a Learning Concierge
Email info@kevineikenberry.com