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“I can’t remember another workshop I’ve participated in where I can take every topic discussed into my real world. Thank you for re-energizing me!”  -S. Eversole

- Remarkable Leadership Workshop

When Kevin Eikenberry came to Bellevue University, we learned more in one day than we had learned in months. We participated in exercises and discussion that provoked self-discovery and we gained valuable insights to apply the learning more readily than ever before.
I like to describe Kevin as an interesting mix of the people with whom you are already most familiar. Whether you share a meal with him, listen to his fatherly advice, engage in his training, or express your goals and development plans to him, you’ll feel as though you’ve known him for years.
The greatest teachers model the behaviors they strive to help others learn. While Kevin writes and teaches us that “the skills of a leader are transferable across all the roles you play in all parts of your life,” he also lives by it. When Kevin demonstrates his own brand of remarkable leadership instead of simply telling us about principles in the realm of theory, we attach to it and get a more tangible sense of our own potential. This is skill building you can really sink your teeth into!

- Jon Titus – Bellevue

It’s very refreshing to do business with a company who clearly values and cares about other people.  I thoroughly enjoyed  the Remarkable Leadership seminar I attended led by Kevin.  It was abundantly clear that Kevin thoroughly knew the material he was teaching, and that he really enjoyed doing what he did.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate Kevin’s performance as a 10.  He was fun and engaging, but also made it clear how much he valued the lessons he was teaching.  I’ve already begun mentally preparing myself to make sure I engage in feed-forward as well as feed-back when addressing my direct reports.  Also, keeping in mind the change formula lets me make sure I’m giving my team all the necessary information when discussing changes.  I can’t say enough good things about the course and I look forward to hearing from you again.

- Remarkable Leadership

As far as Professional Development opportunities, this seminar has the most applicable content of any I have attended in the last 10 years!

- Jeannie Wade

Many of the topics in this course are things we know, but don’t know that we know.  By discussing the topics and relating them to personal experiences, we gain a greater understanding of ourselves and others.  This course was awesome in helping me connect the dots on behaviors and actions I’ve displayed as well as giving me multiple ways to look at ta  situation or person.  Being very black or white, it is hard to see the “shades of grey”, but Kevin helped me by giving me Food for Thought, and putting a construct around my thought.  I really liked the formal analysis on change and trust; being an engineer, a formula is something I can relate to.

- Nick Titus

Kevin provided several concepts that explain how trust and change happen, and ways to increase the values to create a better team at work.

- Kim Humphrey

Enjoyable.  Learned skills that will help me in management.  I liked the small group we had, was able to get a lot of pertinent ideas and feedback.  Kevin showed a vested interest in each individual.

- Michelle Page

This class made me understand the problems I have been having and seeing within the company; and, it provided me with solutions to them.

- Tim Ring, Cisco

Thanks for your guidance at the Leadership Camp!  I have my first meeting with my board of directors since our training together in Chicago.  With many changes for next year on the agenda, I am looking forward to both the challenge and opportunity of leading our organization into and through next year.  The time we’ve spent together in both the Workshop and the Teleseminar Coaching have been helpful!

- Bob Kaestner, Lenox Mutual Insurance Assn.

Awesome seminar – informational!
I have attended several other leadership courses, read several books, and Kevin not only kept me interested and enthused, he was informative  and knowledgeable, yet very engaging.  I highly recommend this seminar!

- Linda Salgado, Customer Service Supervisor, Laird Technologies

I can’t really put my finger on it. But your seminar in Nashville has made a difference in the way I think about leadership and the way that I do my job. I now pay more attention to the way that something works or fails. I don’t take things at face value as much I had in the past. Maybe it was just that I had been doing the same things for too long. I had gotten into a routine. Your seminar showed me that I should continue to look for new ways. I didn’t realize that I was resistant to change until I returned home and got back to my normal routine. I had always thought of myself as a champion of change. But I did/do have my ruts and I don’t always embrace change like I should. After your seminar I can see where I need to make changes and I think I’m really making some progress. This change thing can really make the old job seem fun again. Thanks again.

- Tom Jellings, Project Management, Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

Thank you! I’ve been to so many trainings and this is the only time I’ve come out learning something that will help me tremendously in my work. The training was very hands-on, practical and lots of tips to show us how to improve our training.

- Tracy Liu, Participant

I’ve gotten more out of this course than I have out of most courses in the past combined! It was very enjoyable and it’s the only course I didn’t have trouble getting up for in the morning!

- Shawn Arcand, Participant

Kevin did an excellent job.  He was very encouraging and inspiring.  He challenged me as a young professional to look at situations in ways that may not have come up yet in my career.

- Sheena Lefaye Crews, Catholic Charities USA

Now that the holidays have passed and we are well into 2009, I’ve had a moment to sit back and reflect. I have been to many leadership and management trainings throughout my career. I just wanted to let you know that the Leadership Training Camp in Nashville in December was by far the best training I’ve ever received around leadership. I have finished your book and equally enjoyed it. I have been able to put several of your concepts to work in real life application. I will look forward to more opportunities to join you for trainings. I have submitted your name to the planning committee for the Colorado Behavioral Health Council. They host an annual training in Breckenridge in October which focuses on both a clinical and management training track.

- Shelly J. Spalding, Chief Operations Officer, Community Reach Center

Kevin was excellent! Very knowledgeable about subject. Kevin did such a wonderful job of bringing the group together and getting everyone involved. Great interaction and opportunity to share ideas and learning. Really liked the CARB model and the foundation. The commitment piece is a great piece to get everyone invovled and a link to the team. The power of trust was very insightful. Trust formula really helps in understanding how to build the trust level in the organization.

- Teri Anderson, Operations Specialist, BP America Production Co.

I got more out of this two day training camp than I have gotten out of other 3 and 4 day conferences and workshops.

- Scott Sawicki, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

The class was done very well.  Kevin performed very enthusiastically.  He portrayed a high energy and was very inspiring when it came to leaders and their roles.

A whole bunch of tools were presented that will benefit my growth & success along with the growth and success of those with whom I work.

- Shane Mascitelli, The Avogadro Group LLC

I found the program very inspiring, I am sure I will implement many facets of what I learned.  I agree whole-heartedly that leadership is a learned skill and no matter what stage we are in our careers, we should never stop learning.  This program brought those thoughts to life.

- Regina Allard, Children`s Surgical Foundation

This is my first seminar that I have attended that gives you specific items that you can take back with you and implement, one or two at a time. I like that it wasn’t just big overall concepts and that it included the smaller ‘how’ items that can help you facilitate change. This is the first seminar I have ever attdended that I would recommend to others (and actually the first time I’ve taken the time to really fill out an evaluation).

- Leadership Training Camp Participant, CEO Magellan Vacations, Inc.