Unleash the Remarkable Leader within You!


Let’s start here – you’re not a natural-born leader.

Don’t worry, neither is anyone else.

Actually that is half-true. You (and everyone else) were born with unique qualities that can help you as a leader, but it doesn’t come 100% naturally to anyone.

Those that become great leaders developed and mastered their leadership skills through a commitment to their own development and with hours of training and practice.

We are all born with a unique set of skills and innate talents. And regardless of your past experiences or successes, you have the capacity and the potential to be a Remarkable Leader.

That is why I developed the Remarkable Leadership workshops in 2007 – to equip leaders with the skills and tools to unleash the Remarkable Leadership potential that already exists within them.

My experience and feedback from my best-selling book, Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time, told me that leaders needed additional resources and outlets for learning and applying these skills and knowledge.

Remarkable Leadership was designed to help leaders just like you take the next step in your career. A powerful 2-day workshop, it combines proven, actionable techniques with peer interaction to help master effective leadership. We explore and apply a wide range of essential leadership skills and competencies, including:

  • Leaders as learners
  • Leaders as change leaders
  • Leaders as communicators
  • Leaders as relationship builders
  • Leaders as coaches
  • Leaders as creators and builders of teams
  • Leaders as goal setters and achievers
  • Plus a follow-up methodology to ensure successful implementation of your plans and much more!

There’s a story I often tell about two leaders I know.

In the story, there are two men who are very much alike – same educational background, same basic opportunities throughout their life. And shortly after college, they both joined the same company, starting in entry-level positions the very same year.

There were more similarities than not, but there was one major difference. One man has been promoted again and again, successfully leading his team to record performance levels, while the other is in the same position still struggling to find his way as a manager.

And while both are clearly important and valuable to the organization, one continually moved even closer to his true leadership potential. The first leader invested in himself. He owned his career development, sought out opportunities to learn, and asked for the training and resources that he knew were necessary to succeed. The other waited, assuming the company would handle his development.

This leader, and all great leaders, realizes that when you are proactively looking, you can gain the knowledge you need from the right sources, at the right time, and when you make a commitment to your leadership development and to continual learning, you can truly become a Remarkable Leader.

Remarkable Leadership is one of the fastest and most effective ways to develop the leader in you. In just two days, you will accelerate your growth as a leader, learning:

  • Strategies for improving the organizational changes you are leading
  • Four communication styles and how to use them to communicate effectively
  • Four specific strategies to build relationships more successfully in your work and life
  • Five practical methods to support the creativity of others around you
  • How to delegate more effectively and create more accountability on your team
  • How to create processes that support ongoing goal achievement
  • A follow-up methodology to ensure successful implementation of your plans
  • And much more!

Leadership is demanding-we all know this. And as a leader, it’s your job to deliver results, manage change and deal with uncertainty. And with today’s competitive marketplace, leadership development is even more important than ever.

At Remarkable Leadership, you’ll get the professional foundation you need to succeed and get answers to questions such as:

  • How do I determine and define strategies for improving the organizational changes you are leading?
  • How do customer-focused behaviors work? What makes them so effective for building partnerships with customers?
  • How do I give more useful and effective feedback?
  • How can I be more influential by being other-focused?
  • How do I keep moving forward and create processes that support ongoing goal achievement?

But don’t just take my word for it.
Listen to these success stories:

“…your seminar [in Nashville] has made a difference in the way I think about leadership and the way that I do my job. I now pay more attention to the way that something works or fails. I don’t take things at face value as much I had in the past. Maybe it was just that I had been doing the same things for too long. I had gotten into a routine. Your seminar showed me that I should continue to look for new ways. I didn’t realize that I was resistant to change until I returned home and got back to my normal routine. I had always thought of myself as a champion of change. But I did/do have my ruts and I don’t always embrace change like I should. After your seminar I can see where I need to make changes and I think I’m really making some progress. This change thing can really make the old job seem fun again.”

– Tom Jellings, Project Management, Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

“I just wanted to send you a short update to let you know how much your course has impacted my career. It is almost a year since I attended your Leadership Course in Florida. I arrived there as an Educator with a team of 2.5 including myself, tasked with developing a program and criteria for a new and growing program within (what was formerly known as ) Capital Health.

I have embraced the principles covered in the course. Within a short time my team grew to 4.5 then 19.5 with a promotion to Supervisor. I was chosen to travel to Manila to recruit for the region. Shortly after my return I was promoted to Manager and now have teams in excess of 40 people with a strong Interdisciplinary focus.

I regularly review the course and have focused on the relationship building with an even stronger focus on reflection. I facilitate a course at the university every winter that also embraces these principles. It is more powerful to relate my learning “stories” highlighting the real world successes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. It has made a positive impact on my career.”

– Betty Fradgley RN , Acting Manager Professional Practice Services & Education Services Team, Alberta Health Services

You know your success is about more than luck and the most successful people in the world have three fundamental things in common: They have a proven plan, they have a trusted advisor and they believe in themselves.

When you join me for Remarkable Leadership, you’ll be taking the positive proactive steps towards your success with a plan and trusted coach. You’ll learn practical and actionable tools that you need to make positive changes in your life – immediately.


But will one workshop really cut it?

One of the biggest concerns that I hear about training is how can I apply what I learn in the course back at my organization? When I get back to work there is so much to do – it is hard to apply everything!

We understand that one workshop isn’t your single ticket to management excellence and we don’t expect you to go back after two days and get it all right, all of the time.

We believe that training alone, in a vacuum, doesn’t create learning. We didn’t learn to ride a bike until we sat in the seat and pedaled. And for that very reason, we don’t expect you to learn new skills in a passive lecture. You need a chance to practice. And while we will give you opportunities in class, that still isn’t the same as back in your workplace.

Here’s the bottom line. As great as any workshop is, like any training, when you return to work, you will have additional questions, and you might encounter a challenge in applying all you learned.

That’s why, with Remarkable Leadership, your registration INCLUDES two live, group coaching sessions! These two sessions give you direct and personal access to me, for one full hour per session, after you return from the workshop, to help you master the strategies and techniques you learn in the workshop.

With group coaching, you’ll have access to:

1. Answers to your most pressing questions.
2. Advice on your stickiest situations.
3. Advice on implementing your ideas and plans more successfully.
4. An opportunity to share successes.
5. Confirmation that what you are planning to try will work.
6. Valuable learning opportunities from the questions & challenges of others in the group.

Where do you see yourself next year? Or even in 5 years?

Will you be a more effective leader who is making a difference in their professional and personal lives? Or will you be falling behind, frustrated that you didn’t achieve everything you wanted in that time? Are your leadership skills where you want them to be?

The choice is really yours. You can move towards a future where you advance, where you have less frustration and more confidence, and where your weaknesses are strengthened. Or you can remain frustrated, stressed and always wondering how you could be more effective.

Leaders with poor communication skills will be short-lived. Leaders who can’t develop trust and confidence will be unable to inspire their team, motivate performance, or create sustainable value. Unintentional or unfocused leaders will fail themselves and their team.

I hope that you’ll take the next step in your career advancement; that you’ll take the first step to unlocking your potential with Remarkable Leadership.

Because I truly believe that…





Kevin Eikenberry
Chief Potential Officer, The Kevin Eikenberry Group
Creator, the Remarkable Leadership & Remarkable Leadership Advanced Workshops